Are you a salty Christian or one who has lost her effect?


This is a very important question for Christians as well as non- Christians. The salty conversation for non-Christians is what influence are you having within your immediate environment to the good? Is your conduct, your example, and your results that which enriches your immediate sphere of influence? Many times we equate the question of making a positive impact being limited for Christians only. Well I am here today to set the record straight, whether Christian or not you have the ability to bring about positive change within your immediate area of influence this means your home, your work place, and your community. Having said that I believe there is one important part of the equation if not a Christian that tends to prevent the absolute positive change that can only come about by and through the Spirit of the living God. There is something to be said about an infectious movement that just takes everyone by storm. We have clear enough evidence that being “good” cannot be legislated. Just as we have clear evidence that being a moral person cannot be mandated, enforced, or adjudicated. There is the ability to do good things. There is also the ability to do and act morally on occasion. But the real test on being salty in a way that shakes a world is to create a ripple that changes the current atmosphere consistently and lastingly. Let’s prove my point, the offense of murder is legislated and judicially enforced, yet the people still kill, as a matter a fact they kill in large numbers. You could go through the list of things decreed unacceptable and then take a look around and see the people who simply ignore the rules.  So if it was simple enough to put into law codes of conduct and that’s all it took our world would be a much different place.

Let’s take a look at the truly converted individual who has truly had an encounter with God.

• This person is extremely salty.

• This person doesn’t have to be told to do good or be good, or to live morally. This person desires to accomplish these very things because they have a desire to live righteous before a righteous God. The God they serve has deposited His spirit within that assists in governing, and equipping that person to no longer be a slave to that which is unacceptable and drives them to become a slave to that which is acceptable.

• This person has a heart for people. This person has compassion for people. This person values the life of human beings. This person endeavors to be a light in a dying world and this person ensures that their behavior is replicated not by force, not by coercion, not by intimidation, but literally by the life they live.

• People are not drawn to this salty person because they carry a bible or wear a cross or say the typical “I’m blessed and highly favored”. People are not drawn to this person because every time the church doors are open you know they can be found in the church, but they are drawn to this person because they genuinely live a life before them that is laced with the fruit of the spirit: patience, kindness, love, compassion and self-control.

Here are some other glimpses into the life of a salty Christian:

•When they see an injustice they speak out on it, not in a mean-spirited way but in a manner that is strong and considerate.

•When they encounter someone going through they ensure their advice is laced with the word of God to ensure success.

•When someone is negative they have something positive to interject.

• When someone is sad they bring a word to up lift them.

•When someone is angry they encourage them with confidence to not let their anger go unchecked.

•When someone is grieving they grieve with them while all the while instilling hope. 


What do you think?

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