Career Trends You Can Take Advantage of in 2017


Are you looking to move up your career ladder, or possibly switch to another path entirely? Before you make your move, learn about the 2017 career trends that have a strong influence on the hiring trends for businesses.

The IT Sector Continues to Have a Talent Shortage

Technology continues to advance, and the talent pool can’t keep up. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and data science are a few areas that may face shortages for years, if not decades to come. If you’re in the field already or you want a change of pace, you have a strong opportunity to move into these in-demand positions. Many technology companies also realize that the male-dominated nature of IT is problematic, so there’s a growing focus on diversity in the workforce.

Fewer People Are Applying to Each Job

Unemployment rates are going down, which means the workforce finally has access to an employee market rather than one that benefits the hiring company. With fewer people sending in their resumes, you have a better chance at standing out if you want to make a lateral move to boost your salary.

Uptick in Salaries and Benefits

Another side effect of the low unemployment rate is that employers need to actively court employees, rather than the other way around. Companies are starting to increase their salaries and look for benefits packages that attract enough applicants. These benefits often go beyond the standard medical and vacation days: Flexible schedules, work from home opportunities and skills development are a few ways that businesses bring in workers.

Increase in the Gig Economy

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Upwork and similar services have disrupted the typical employment model. While freelancing has a long history, these platforms streamline the process of connecting those freelancers with clients. They also cut out the middleman and the traditional work hours. People can choose the hours they work and fit it into their schedule, rather than trying to adapt their life to their employment. Freelancing numbers have swelled thanks to the popularity of the gig economy.

Are you ready to pursue that raise you deserve or move into a field you’ve always wanted to explore? Keep these trends in mind when you’re looking for career opportunities. 


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