Good Relationship Advice That Can Also Help You Manage Your Money


While there’s a lot of fluff out there, some relationship advice can actually be helpful in providing insight into matters of the heart. But it doesn’t end there! Some of the best relationship advice can also apply to keeping your finances in order, too.

Set Good Boundaries

In love, setting good, clear boundaries can help you maintain healthy relationships and a strong sense of self. Good boundaries in your financial life can mean maintaining long-term goals like establishing a budget and short-term goals like not overspending on a night out with friends, or clearing the shelves at a store when you just run in for one thing. For example, when you’re at dinner and the table is ordering more wine, it’s easy to just roll along with it and shout pour me another! Slow it down, tiger. Boundaries means having a clear idea of how much you are going to spend and then sticking to it. Bring only cash or one credit card and know what your personal limits are.

Don’t Waste Your Time on Something That Isn’t the Real Deal

Have you ever been with someone who’s just fine (if describing something as just fine isn’t the kiss of death, I’m not sure what is) and there’s nothing wrong, but…? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s easier to just go for the fine, rather than casting that fish back into the sea and trying your luck. In money management, this translates to only buying the things you really want, even if it means waiting a little longer to get them or spending a little more. Don’t buy that shirt/bike/house because it’s a great deal; buy it only if you really, really love it. Invest your money in the right things to create the life you want.

Know What You Want

Want a fully committed relationship? Don’t date the player. Again. When you know what you want, you can go after it. Financially speaking, setting goals for things like travel, home buying, guitar lessons, retirement investing or whatever your want will help direct your decision making. It can take away the struggle, providing clarity when the temptation to haphazardly spend rises up. Although, much like in love, the difficult part may be knowing what you want.

Know Yourself

As with all words of wisdom, they only work if you know yourself well enough to apply them in a way that makes sense for you. You can implement a strict regiment to handle your money management (or relationships), but if you end up abandoning it after the fresh blossom of new commitment wears off, what’s the point? 


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