I Am Boundless


Help I am out of control!!

I am sure many can relate to this statement or cry “help I am out of control!” At a weekly woman’s fellowship, we ladies made a pact that we would take control of areas in our life that were out of control. The beauty of this pact is that we are not trying to make world evolutionary changes but we are committing to identifying one area in our life that is out of control then identify one, simple thing that we each could do to begin to bring that area in to control. We agreed that sometimes the most overwhelming prospect of anything is absolute drastic change. We knew if it was too drastic we would eventually fail.
Here’s some examples of areas that can be out of control:
Dieting – it must become a way of life. Changing a palate, a habit, taste buds and the like all at once can seem defeating. This is for free: Don’t fool yourself into believing that if you do something for 30 days that it becomes habit. Like anything you must work at this for the rest of your life.
Balance in life – family, friends, relationships, God, etc. Obtaining balance in these areas instantaneously can seem impossible.
Disciplining anything that has not been disciplined – pets, children, etc. Trying to correct anything that wasn’t put in check form the onslaught can seem daunting.
Exercise – having led a life of sporadic ups and downs in the world of exercise can seem unbearable when one tries to bring exercise back into her life.
Studying the bible – attempting to make bible study a daily regime can seem an uphill battle, especially when it has not been a consistent, or worse something you’ve done on a regular basis in the past.
Cleaning your house – with such a busy life cleaning the house is the last thing you really want to do and left unchecked you have no idea where to begin.
Spending – a life that’s busy, bored, uncensored, and undisciplined can continually find itself financially stressed, even broke.
Of course as always this list is not meant to be exhaustive just reflective. We acknowledged if we took one issue at a time, one component at a time, over time we would be victorious at bringing our out of control lives back into control. Here’s some steps to take to bring out of control lives into control.
Don’t think about the end game just take the day that you are in, into consideration. At the end of the day on a calendar mark off that day.
I identify the area that you would like to tackle first and then identify one component that you can tackle that day, spelling out victory for that day. Example: Dieting – already stated it must become a life style. One component eliminating sodas and any sweetened drinks from your daily intake. Make a picture of tea with the natural sweetener stevia, so you still get some sweet just a sweet that is better for you. Drink more water and add lemon juice as a natural diuretic.
After having gone a few days with this goal in mind and you should feel that I have brought that particular component into submission, then look at another component that needs to be added. Example: If you have pets (dogs) and you need to add some exercise walk your dogs today a mile and when you came home have a glass of water with lemon juice in it. VICTORY!
Don’t be critical of yourself. Allow yourself grace while you go through this process. If there are 31 days in a month and you follow this pattern 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 and more days you will celebrate every day that you followed through realizing that however many days you did it is more than the previous months of your life and no matter how you look at it you are better off.
Seek strength during this process from whatever gives you strength, for me it’s God. I will pray for strength and will power. I realize that I need help to reposition myself or even help to get some place I have never been. I will utilize all elements of worship (praise and worship, prayer, scripture) to mentally strength myself. • Use affirmations to encourage yourself daily.
Strive to be and do the best that you can, by understanding what your make-up is and not desiring the make-up of someone else.
Share my goals with those who will encourage you and not those who will follow along only to wait for the fall. Positive people must be a part of your daily affirmations. These positive people must never chastise or criticize you in any area that you fail to have victory in during this process.
You will love you during the journey. Each one of the above mentioned out of control areas and those that you describe can be applied with the same principles. Just remember one step at a time, one component at a time. If you would like to join the movement post your comments on what you’re doing to bring your out of control life back in to control. 


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