Hip, Hip, Hooray “Happy New Year” – How the Celebrating Came About


What’s this eve before the “New Year” celebrating stuff all about?

It is documented in a number of sources why today’s society celebrate the coming of the New Year.  It all came into exist from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus – god of doorways and beginnings. The name for the month of January also comes from Janus, who was depicted as having two faces. One face of Janus looked back into the past, and the other face looks forward to the future.

Now that you know how the “New Year” stuff got started, get out your party hats and chill with your favorite group of people like it’s already 2017.

Great ideas to bring in the New Year…

1. 1960’s Dance Party

2. Best of 2016 Celebration

3.One Last Taste of Your Favorite Whatever

4. Blue Light Bash


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