Holiday Fun for the Children


Your kids probably have a lot of time available once school lets out for the winter break. If cold weather makes it difficult to spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll need a way to keep the children engaged and entertained. Try a few of these holiday fun ideas.

House Light Tours

Many neighborhoods go all out on their lights, and some communities schedule tours to showcase the best of the best. Bundle up your kids and go for a relaxing drive to see everyone’s creative decorating ideas.

Holiday Decoration Craft Time

Add a personal touch to your stockings and tree by letting your children make some of the pieces. You’ll have a keepsake that you’ll treasure forever, and you can pass these on to the kids once they have their own families.

Holiday Village Markets

Want to take your kids on a holiday shopping experience that doesn’t involve the mall? Seasonal markets showcase local artisans, food and unique items that you won’t see at a typical chain store. Help your children pick out gifts for the family and support small business owners at the same time.

Board Games

Want a fun family activity that doesn’t involve going out in the cold? Board games come in all shapes, sizes and age levels. You don’t have to stick with the games you grew up with, such as Monopoly or Scrabble. This popularity of board games has resulted in many new options, from building your own city to exploring a haunted mansion.

Card Making

Do you have a big holiday card list every year? Get your kids involved by picking up cardstock, scrapbooking supplies, glue, multi-colored pens and anything else they want to decorate the cards with.

Donations to Needy Kids

The spirit of giving is an important part of the holidays. Have your children go through their current toys and pick out some that they would like to donate. Or go shopping and have your children pick out toys to donate. Explain why thinking of others is an important concept, and how happy they will make other children during the holidays. If you have older children, encourage them to volunteer their time for charities and non-profits that need help during the holidays.

The holiday season offers many opportunities for your children to have a lot of fun. Family-friendly adventures and at-home entertainment help the kids remain entertained the entire winter break. 


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