Holiday Wedding Ideas


Are you planning a wedding during the holidays or would simply like to incorporate some festive fun into your ceremony and reception? Use a few of these ideas to bring your theme together for a spectacular night.

Ice Hotel Reception

Some weddings have ice sculptures, but wintertime also brings out the ice hotels. These temporary structures go up around the globe and look like fairy tales come true. While Sweden’s Ice Hotel is one of the most well known of these structures, you’ll find many other venues with a similar concept.

Mulled Wine


Glasses of mulled wine in snow

Help your guests warm up for the reception with mulled wine. The holiday-appropriate spices convey comfort and hospitality. This drink also provides a contrast to other alcohol served cold or at room temperature.

Ceremony Up in Lights

String lights are plentiful this time of year, and they work great for creating the right mood for your ceremony. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the color schemes, lighting patterns and other design elements.

Evergreens Everywhere

Go after the scents of the holidays with pine trees and other evergreens in place of your typical flower arrangements. Each reception table could get its own small tree, or you can decorate the venue with these hardy winter plants.

Carol Your Way to the Reception

Is your reception venue close to the ceremony location? Get your wedding party together and start caroling during the walk. You bring a lot of joy to other people’s lives and spread the spirit of giving.

Holiday Card Place Settings

Take care of your holiday card obligations and your wedding place settings at the same time. You give each guest a personalized message talking about how much you appreciate their presence at your wedding, and you don’t have to worry about any postage!

Hot Cocoa Favors

Give a wedding favor that keeps on giving: hot cocoa mix. You can’t go wrong with hot chocolate in front of the fire during a blizzard, and these kits are easy to put together.
Dreaming of your winter wedding? Take it to the next level with these holiday ideas when you’re planning your ceremony and reception. 


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