DIY Elegant Home Decorating Without Emptying Your Wallet


You always see picture-perfect home decor prominently featured in lifestyle magazines, on television and on Pinterest. Some of those fantastic styles match your dreams of a stylish living space, but the costs seem overwhelming. The cost to professionally decorate a home averages $5,240, but you don’t have to break the bank when adding elegance to your home – you can use these tips to get an expensive look at low prices.

Antique Stores.

You discover many treasures at local antique stores, whether you’re looking for a statement piece or the perfect piece of art. These shops inspire creativity due to their eclectic collections. You could end up with a style you never considered before. Keep an eye out for pieces needing some tender loving care. Restoring a vintage find saves you lots of money and will give your character and charm.

Thrift Shops

You never know what you might find at thrift stores, with shifting inventories heavily influenced by location. The housewares section may have some great finds, from delicate tea sets to massive wardrobes. Try checking several thrift stores to see which ones offer products that will help you bring your gorgeous sense of style into your home.

Estate Sales

Estate sales go one step beyond garage sales and flea markets. The people holding these events must sell off most or all of the house contents due to significant life changes. Get the best deals by going on the last day of the sale, when they’ll be cutting prices on the remaining inventory.

Online Classifieds

Craigslist, Facebook sales groups and other online classified sites let you pick up inexpensive (sometimes even free!) decor and furniture. You may need to repair or revamp these pieces, but you avoid the high prices of buying new. Don’t miss out on great finds if you don’t have a car big enough for your favorite items. Renting a truck or van doesn’t cost much compared to the money you’ll save on your fabulous finds.

DIY Decor

Can’t find the keystone piece for your interior decoration project or need a hard-to-find color? Take matters into your own hands with DIY decor. Instructional online videos help you learn the necessary techniques, and craft stores offer plenty of products perfect for the flare you desire. Involve the entire family to turn your decor pieces into lasting memories and family heirlooms.

Forget spending thousands of dollars to get a home interior elegant enough to make the front page of home decor magazines. Explore these options and keep your wallet full while you achieve timeless beauty inside your home. 



  1. darsell August 6, 2016

    Would have loved to see pictures of your finds and decorations in the article.

    1. admin August 10, 2016

      We definitely will add more photo’s in the future! Thanks for your input!!

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