If You Got One, Would You Accept It?


The Perfect Wedding Proposal Day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. You will treasure the impact of how this simple day of the year will provide a life time of love, happiness, and pure bliss. There are numerous details that come along with selecting this perfect date. Let’s take a look inside the mindset of creating this special and most memorable calendar selection.

Gentlemen the time has come where you have gained the courage and overall strength to ask your Bride To Be for her hand in marriage. The ring is now purchased depleting your savings account minus three months salary, but remember she is the woman of your dreams and she is definitely worth it! You have gone over your speech numerous times in your head. Now it is time to put your plan into action but your two main concerns are When & Where?

Proposal Date

  1. Timing is everything when it comes to planning your Perfect Proposal.
  1. The date you choose must absolutely have a deep personal connection that is a reflection

of your relationship.

  1. Think about some of the special days in your life that as a couple you have shared together like your

First Official Date, First Kiss, First Couples Vacation.

  1. Try to avoid selecting specific holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Family Birthdays.

You want your Proposal Date to be special, unique and have a life of its own.

The Perfect Wedding Proposal Date has been selected and schedules are cleared. Now you are ready to Pop The Big Question but you need a great location and fabulous delivery in order to get the ultimate response,” Yes I Will Marry You”.

Proposal Location

The Classic Beauty Proposal

For the more intimate traditional couple a simple but elegant candlelight dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant with the Ring placed in the bottom of her crystal champagne flute is a wonderful choice.

The Wedding Concierge bids you farewell and good luck. May your proposals be filled with much love and happiness. It is the beginning of a new journey in your lives so take the time to embrace and enjoy the moment!!


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