Romantic, Colorful & Tastefully Traditional


February is here and love is in the air. It’s the perfect time for a Romantic Wedding. Spare no cost and let the ultimate feeling of love take over and create a day to remember. Here are a few tips to get you down the aisle in lavish style.

  1. Red, White and Dusty Rose are the ultimate color scheme for your Valentines Wedding Theme. Decorations, Bridal Party Attire, Invitations and Centerpieces all will look lovey with this vibrant color pallet. To add a little sparkle and glam drop in a touch of Metallic Gold or Silver to highlight the evening.
  2. Flowers Galore are a must. Roses are simple but yet very elegant. If your budget is a little tighter large bushels of color assorted Carnations will definitely do the trick.
  3. Cake time is always a fun time. Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake is the top choice for this time of year. The deep decadent color and richness adds a special touch to a tasty traditional Wedding Treat.
  4. Add a Romantic and Colorful touch to your champagne toast. Fill the guest flutes halfway with your favorite bubbly and add a fat juicy ripe strawberry to each glass. Not only does it enhance the flavor, it makes for a colorful picture perfect moment.
  5. Wedding Party Favors are also enjoyed by everyone. Here is a cool money saving tip. If your wedding date is planned for any day after February 14th, go to a couple of your local convenient and drug stores and purchase the small red heart shaped chocolate candy filled boxes. The day after Valentines Day the stores will mark these products down by 50% – 75% off. What a great party favor and it ties perfectly into the Romantic Holiday Theme.
  6. Last but not least Wedding Jewels. This Heart Two Heart Theme would not be complete without Heart Shaped Diamonds. They are unique and very special. These diamonds could be incorporated into your Wedding Band. A heart shaped diamond necklace or bracelet would also make a perfect gift for the bride to be.

The Wedding Concierge Sends Many Well Wishes & Let Love Fill The Air And Enjoy Your Enchanted Special Day. Remember Two Hearts Will Now Become One.  


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