Simplicity at Its Best – Holiday Home Decorations


The hustle and bustle of the holiday season might leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You want to add some holiday cheer to your home, but you might not have the time to design elaborate holiday decorations that require major effort to put up and inevitably take down. Fortunately, you can add some festive touches to your existing holiday decor to make your home welcoming for the holidays. Try these tricks to celebrate the season with simplicity.
Ornaments Galore

Nothing says Christmas like colorful, sparkling ornaments, which add a festive touch to your space. Think beyond the tree and incorporate ornaments into other holiday decorations around the house. Fill up glass bowls and apothecary jars with colorful bulb ornaments. This simple decor takes a matter of seconds to set up, and it adds color and cheer to your home. Place these holiday pieces around the home — as a table centerpiece, nestled on bookshelves or on kitchen counters to spruce up your space.
Christmas Card Display
Your mailbox is probably filled with holiday greetings, and you can transform these messages of holiday cheer into a simple decoration in your home. Bright colors and the smiling faces of family and friends serve as inspiration for this simple holiday project. Hang some holiday-themed ribbon on your kitchen cabinets, pantry door or any other space that needs a decoration. Then, clip your holiday cards to the ribbon using miniature clothespins. You’ll smile every time you see this festive display, which takes little time to set up.
Vase Transformations
Vases around your home can be easily transformed into a holiday centerpiece with a simple upgrade. Replace silk or real flowers in your existing vases with Christmas-themed items to instantly make over your decor. Choose a festive filler, such as pine cones, faux snow, or miniature bulb ornaments, for glass vases. Then, invest in sprays of evergreen or holly berries to add height to the vase.
Light Up Your Space


Twinkling lights are synonymous with the holiday season, and these lights add an instant festive touch to your space. Pick up a few strings of clear or colored lights, which you can add to many spots of your home. Look for any existing natural elements in your space, such as a silk plant, wreath, or rustic branches, and add some string lights for a burst of holiday cheer. Run lights along your mantle or up your banister for soft light and festivity that lasts all season long.

A festive home doesn’t have to be complicated. A few changes to your existing decor can add a festive touch and help you celebrate the season in style. 


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