Stop Spending Time with Toxic People: You Might Wake Up Tainted!!


This article is a universal article it doesn’t single out a sex, a faith, a culture, or a race. This is a universal truth. I am simply associating the phrase “If you lay down with flea ridden dogs you WILL get up with fleas” to every type of relationship. Each one of us must examine who we associate with in all areas of our life. It has been said “birds of a feather flock together”. The implication is you almost always spend time with people who reflect your values and your beliefs.  So anyone who sees you in any particular setting makes the assumption that you are in agreement with the attitudes and behaviors of those you associate with and to make matters worse, depending on who you’re hanging around, the assumption is you are just like them. Don’t get your panties in a bunch you can’t blame people for making that leap. Truth is, if you weren’t in agreement, you couldn’t tolerate being in their presence on a regular basis. It would be a constant battle of the wills if that were so, and who wants to expend that kind of energy? This is not to say that you will never be in the presence of someone who lives their lives contrary to yours.

Do yourself a favor choose people to be around who compliment who YOU are!!

Here are some questions you should ask when evaluating the people in your life:

1. Whatever your faith, are you spending time with people who mirror your beliefs and honor those belief?

2. If trying to strengthen your marriage who are you spending time with? Someone whose counsel strengthens and encourages you or one who is an embarrassment to their spouse? Or better yet doesn’t even have a current spouse?

3. If trying to grow professionally who are you associating with? Someone with goals and dreams? Someone who is at the top of their game or working hard to get there? Someone of influence who can help you attain your goals and dreams? Or someone who’s always hating and underscoring your value?

4. If trying to raise your children whose advice are you seeking? Is your counsel coming from one who expects their children to do as they say and not as they do? Or is their counsel an example of one who stays at the feet of God in order to receive sound instruction? Are you associating, not necessarily with the perfect parent, but the parent who has grown from their mistakes and has bettered themselves and the lives of their children?

You get the point. So as I began, if you lay down with flea ridden dogs you WILL get up with fleas and ask any dog that’s a horrible existence. 


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