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Welcome to the Wedding Concierge. Are you ready to get the ball rolling on planning your Unique Wedding Experience? The Wedding Concierge is excited to provide you with a professional, sophisticated, and most of all a personal touch that will make your big day a huge success and a lot of fun. I have been a part of this lavish industry for 20+ years and will be able to pass along to you lovely bride and grooms handy tips to cut your wedding cost in half, select the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, create a bridal fashion extravaganza, find the hottest honeymoon getaways, and so much more! If you are a couple that does not have the time or patience for all of the intricate details that are required for the preparation of your upcoming special day, sit back relax and let the Wedding Concierge help you achieve your goal of becoming the new Mr.& Mrs.

by Karen Martin

Here are a couple of key helpful hints of what to look for if you are in the market to hire a Professional Wedding Detail Planner, Wedding Day Event Coordinator, or a Bridal Fashion Stylist. Each title has a very detailed job description and can provide you with multiple services.

Wedding Detail Planner
The Wedding Detail Planner will assist the client in finding the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception. It is up to the couple if you want to go more traditional with a separate church ceremony and reception site, or if you are looking for a venue that can accommodate both which by the way makes it a little easier for your guest that have to travel. The Planner will gather ideas for floral arrangements, cake selections, invitations, music bands/DJ’s, photographers/video, and provide hotel accommodation suggestions for out of town guest. Approx. Fee $350 and up.

Wedding Day Event Coordinator

The Wedding Day Coordinator is the key contact person for the entire ceremony and reception. The Coordinator will create and provide a complete agenda of the formalities scheduled for your wedding event. Each Vendor will receive updates and revisions to the agenda. The Coordinator is well versed at handling any problems or situations that may occur. As a bonus the Coordinator can also attend the Wedding Rehearsal and assist where needed. Approx. Fee $250 and up.

Bridal Fashion Stylist

The Stylist will assist the client with selecting the Bridal Attire for the entire Wedding Party. The Stylist will collect assorted illustrations and fabric swatches to coordinate with the clients personal color scheme. Creating the Bridal Party fitting schedules and assist with the ordering of dresses and tuxedos with the client’s final approval is a special added professional touch. Approx. Fee $250 and up.

These Bridal Services can be utilized separately or combined for a discounted fee. To the newly engaged couple take a deep breath and stay tuned for more helpful hints and tips from the Wedding Concierge!!




  1. Lynne Smiley July 29, 2016

    Great advice. I always thought those specialties were consolidated under one title; good to know there’s an a la carte option if needed.

    1. Karen Martin August 1, 2016

      Thank you Lynne I’m glad the information was helpful and informative. Look out for more exciting articles. Sincerely The Wedding Concierge!

  2. Faneice July 29, 2016

    Hey Karen

    Excellent, so happy and proud of you. I look forward to reading your articles


    1. Karen Martin August 1, 2016

      Thank you Faneice for your support and kind words. I’m working on new articles daily. Sincerely The Wedding Concierge!

    2. Mike September 2, 2016

      Great things now how about advising your brother because my baby girl getting married next year!

      1. Karen Martin September 5, 2016

        I Will Personally Make Sure Your Daughters Wedding Is A Wonderful Event. I Have Some Great Money Saving Tips For You. Sincerely The Wedding Concierge!

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