5 Flavors of Springtime Celebrations and Options


Spring is an incredible time of year to hold your wedding. You get access to outdoor venues well before the heat of summer, the air itself is filled with wonderful scents and happy bird choruses are everywhere. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your wedding planning during the spring.

Cherry Blossom Celebration

Are you holding your wedding from mid-March to mid-April? You’re in luck, as this is when the stunning cherry blossoms bloom. The soft pinks and whites are breathtaking, especially if you’re in D.C.’s Tidal Basin or another area with a high concentration of the trees. While you have countless outdoor venue options for your spring wedding, looking into places with cherry blossoms or using it as a theme works out well.

Seasonal Live Flower Favors

Don’t leave cut flower arrangements for your guests. Give them living flower favors that continue to spread the joy for years to come. These live plants can match your arrangement flowers, so it’s a mini version of your bouquet and decor. If possible, choose hardy plants that thrive even if their owners don’t have green thumbs.

Bright Color Options

The entire color palette is at your disposal during the spring. While pastel shades and green are commonly seen in this season’s weddings, you can opt for more saturated hues that represent the most brilliant of spring blooms.

Flower Crowns

Wildflowers provide an eye-catching and easy way to put together floral crowns. Whether you want to put one together for yourself or outfit your bridesmaids with these lovely accessories, they’re perfect during this time of year.

The Flower Petal Aisle

Flower girls are a common part of a wedding ceremony, but when you have an outdoor venue, you can upgrade this to a complete petal aisle. Go wild with creating a pathway of colorful petals, although you might want a plan B in place in case it’s a windy day.

A wedding in the springtime opens up many creative and memorable options. Whether you choose a magical outdoor venue or delight your guests with incredible living centerpieces, you can embrace this vibrant and lively season. 


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