Winter Wonderland Wedding


There is a cool breeze in the air. In some parts of the world misty soft flakes of snow are covering the grounds and yes it is now beginning to feel like winter. What a perfect time to have a Winter Wonderland Wedding. Let’s take a look at how we can incorporate this festive time of the year into a spectacular Wedding Day.


With the chill factor rising the location for your event should remain indoors for all of the festivities. You want your guest to be comfortable and enjoy your special unique day. Large Chain Hotel Venues can accommodate ceremony and receptions within the same area. They also tend to decorate their establishment with Holiday Décor which can be used to create a great back drop for your wedding portraits and videos.


Your special wedding invitation will set the tone for your event. Romantic Unique Calligraphy, Winter Snow Scenes, Holiday Bells and Whistles are great ways to get your wedding guest excited about your special day.

Wedding Attire

There are so many special fabrics that can add to the beauty of your Winter Wedding Dress. Faux Soft White Fur trimmings are definitely an eye catching accessory. Organza, Satin and Pearls can be the highlight of your A-Line Princess Off-The-Shoulder Dress to the unique detailing of your Trumpet V-neck Mermaid stylish ensemble. Ruby Reds, Passion Purple, and Emerald Green are beautiful deep color pallets that would work well for your Bridal Party Attire.

Floral Arrangements

Roses are always a favorite. But how about adding a touch of Gardenias, Tulips or White Carnations. You can also give your centerpieces and bouquets a seasonal twist by adding holly, pinecones and baby’s breath. Provide a special treat for your guest by placing mistletoe at each table and let the romance begin.

Cake Time

Beautiful set of three handmade white and purple croquembouche wedding cakes made from meringue and macarons

Trim your Winter Wedding Cake with tasty snowflakes made from white chocolate shavings. Red velvet cakes add delight to seasonal weddings. Traditional White buttercream frosting cakes can become very elegant with a touch of metallic gold and silver edible trimmings. Satisfy your pallet and create a holiday illusion by providing a tasty fun creative treat for your guest.

Honeymoon Getaway

This is a great time of the year to hit the slopes for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Hit the Rocky Mountains In Colorado. Book a trip to Lake Tahoe and enjoy the snow cap mountains. If you are feeling really adventurous and your budget will allow you a little extra fun check out the sites in Alyeska Alaska. Fun in the snow during the day and cozy romantic nights await you and your husband to be.

Relax, Release, Enjoy.

The Wedding Concierge!! 


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